Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Apparently, annual posts are the new norm on this sad excuse for a blog.  Maybe this will change maybe it won't, who cares. Its been a great year, lots of first for my kids, cottage time, bikes, new sister in law, Florence, Mammoth, Hood, Baldface, Seattle and everywhere in between. And as I'm packing for another "once in a lifetime trip" back to Baldface and looking over the past year in photos its pretty easy to be grateful.


In between tree wells @dustinlalikphoto
Snowmobile fun with Graves and Schfack I believe

Skier Brad and the crew - Kyle, Dutch, Sweaty, J-dog, Johan, tired legs, Sandbox, Call-In, Maxx, Brad, Euro Brad, George @dustinlalikphoto
Cottage nerds

Sponsor Conflicts
Pencil Lake to Catchacoma Portage - kid free

Uncle Tony and Angry Dad


Hike Pizza

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